Fresh Eggs have never been easier.

Do you like fresh eggs?

Great, I hope you said yes! There are many benefits to the use of fresh eggs over store bought.

I have a friend that lives in a little town west of our home in OKC and they are always telling us how great their fresh eggs are and how we need to try them. At first, I was skeptical. Didn’t know if they were treated or clean. But, let me tell you a thing or two about fresh eggs. They are hands down the best tasting, and better for you alternative than store bought. They have a ton more nutritional value that is exactly what you need. I thought that they sat out in the chicken coop for days. Wrong, they are actually harvested each morning and washed, then refrigerated immediately. No chance of anything contaminating them. The store bought, on the other hand, is a little scary. I have heard from several people that work in the grocery business that the eggs they receive can stay on a unrefrigerated truck for quite some time and create an opportunity for the insides to actually become slightly dangerous for human consumption. So do your home work and be sure to check out where your eggs come from.  The best I have ever eaten are straight from the Farm.

That’s it. All I got for today.