Bad weather is no Bueno!

Hey, everybody, this is a great day today be alive. Especially if you’re here on the farm. I’ve got a good friend, his name is Curtis and he is the Premier garage door repair company in OKC he had a special treat for me today since our barn doors were completely wrecked by the storms we had the other night. Blew them in, took one off the hinges, what a disaster. He came over and sent a couple of the guys out they fix my garage doors on our barn, got us all fixed up so we can continue on with our farming. We are so blessed and happy to have Curtis and his crew at our disposal when needed. So we hooked them up with some fresh produce took them for a little trip around the pasture to check out some of the new projects we have going on in our Gardens and give him a whole lot of fresh produce as a thank you.These storms have actually been quite a nuisance this year on the farm. We have seen so much damage just to crops and buildings. We are considering moving the farm further east in Oklahoma. With the climate change in Oklahoma and across the United States we’re having lots of people tell us the same thing everything is going to have to shift around to be able to avoid the costly damages of all these storms and crazy inclement weather. We’re just happy to be able to produce all this vegetable plethora to our friends and Neighbors in the great state of Oklahoma. We want to get everything situated so we have no interruptions in our daily business operations of farming and produce creation. Even considering starting a hatchery for trout and some other Fisheries that we can help you knowGet the restaurants around here filled with fresh produce and fish. With are Bison Farm actually coming along quite nicely the poultry section is coming around and the new orchard is under construction. So, all in all, we’re going to have a pretty successful 2018 after we get all this ironed out. Please stay tuned following site look for our blog post and keep us in your mind on social media would love to add value to you and your family’s life as much as possible.

Thanks, everybody I hope you have a great day and stay cool out there in this summer heat.